I purchased my 1st Corvette in 1981. It was a Yellow 1973 model that had been part of a bank repossession. I quickly changed the colour to Red. Every one including myself dreamed of owning a Red Corvette. After that I became hooked with further purchases of C1, C2 several C3 and and a few C4 Corvettes.

In the early years I was still able to buy parts through our local GM dealers but found as the years went by that the prices became inflated and parts became harder to find. With the inventory of cars that I had, I began receiving calls for good USED parts which I had accumulated over the years, as I sold these parts I began receiving calls to buy wrecks and incomplete projects. We even purchased a 53ft tractor trailer loaded front to rear, floor to ceiling of 53 - 85 parts, that was an experience trekking it home!

I can't be everything to everybody but I sure will try to help you or lead you in the right direction. I look forward to talking with you about your Corvette and your NEW & USED parts needs.

"I Appreciate your Business".



One thing we do to always provide you with the best price is to constantly update the prices on our website in relation to the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar. But occasionally the prices on our website may vary with the actual price. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, please call to double check pricing.

Some specialty items, may have an additional shipping cost due to size or weight, this information will be included in the description of the item.

As for Customs, I have had several question on this, the easiest answer is that ALL Canadian registered company's that import from the USA are required by law or their importers to file the necessary brokerage documents with Canada Customs.

I regularly receive bulk shipments from my suppliers, and I ship directly from my shop to your door. Therefore my final price is cheaper and delivery periods more timely than some business’s which ‘place your order for you' at a supplier allowing you to incur duty and higher shipping charges.

Online Store

As the internet continues to grow and different sites and business's pop up I have decide to stay "OLD SCHOOL" and talk to you about your car, what you have done to it and what parts you need. As I talk to my customers / friends I find we all have different descriptions of parts, therefore I believe it is VERY important to talk and make sure you get the right parts instead of a possible internet / computer ordering mistake, having the aggravation and expenses of shipping and restocking fees.

We try to deal and provide you with North American made products & have a great selection of contacts through Canada & USA for NEW & USED parts. WE do all the customs and brokerage into Canada for your parts and these costs are all included in the final price, NO HIDDEN COSTS. We enjoy talking to you our loyal customers. We like answering questions, and making sure you get exactly what you want, and that you understand when and how quickly you will receive your parts. Therefore we have chosen not to create an impersonal online shopping experience.


All accounts will be charged 25% restocking / handling fee plus shipping expenses.

No returns on Aerosols, electrical, apparel or tools.

Items must be returned in the original packaging / shipping container with original invoice within 30 days, from the date of invoice for a refund "NOTE" excludes the return of Aerosols, electrical, appeal & tools:

  • Items returned within 30 days, not in the original packaging are subject to a 25% re stocking fee before taxes.
  • Items returned AFTER 30 days in the original packaging will be returned at customers expense or with approval of customer will be placed on consignment and the full amount sold for will be returned to the customer. "NOTE" Excludes the return of Aerosols, electrical, appeal & tools
  • All special ordered items, interior or option parts for vehicles etc are NON REFUNDABLE. "NOTE' we will take on as consignment with approval of customer and the full amount sold for will be returned to the customer. "NOTE" Excludes the return of Aerosols, electrical, appeal & tools
  • All defective items from our suppliers will be replaced. "NOTE" electrical components must be inspected prior to installation. If faulty we will contact our suppliers to see if there has been a problem in the past on said item or if the problem may have occurred from your vehicle


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