Flexx Rear Bumper

1984-1990, 1991-1996

Flexx Bumper Cover

$27 Install Hardware



Until now, there were only two choices of replacement bumpers for your Corvette. Original factory replacement urethane bumpers, or fiberglass replacement bumpers. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Urethane bumpers were original equipment on your Corvette. They stretch and bend quite easily, making it easy for them to accommodate the minor differences in body panel alignment that exists between one Corvette and another. This stretching is a big advantage when installing the bumper cover to your Corvette. They are made out of a soft compound and can withstand very minor impacts without noticeable damage. However, any impact strong enough to damage the paint will more than likely tear the bumper causing it to be destroyed.

Urethane decomposes with heat and age, causing the bumpers to ripple and shrink, and the paint to fade. Since the surface of a urethane bumper does not match the harder surface of your Corvette's fiberglass body, the paints lays differently, causing light to reflect differently, which causes the paint to show a different color, especially metallics.

Ordinary fiberglass replacement bumpers are very rigid. They do not ripple like urethane. Their paintable surface matches that of your Corvette and they do not decompose with heat and age like urethane. Several factors limit the fit of a fiberglass replacement bumper, however. Ordinary fiberglass bumpers (if they are made using quality tooling and materials) provide an excellent surface to sand and paint but are sometimes very difficult to install. They sometimes just do not match the shape of your Corvette. Since ordinary fiberglass is rigid, it tends to shatter on impact, generally causing the bumper to be destroyed.

The Bumper Dilemma has always plagued both Corvette owners and body shop workers. The fact is, sooner or later, the stock urethane bumper will have to be replaced. Should it be replaced with another urethane bumper that is sure to ripple and will be harder to paint to match the rest of the Corvette, but will pacify the need to keep it "Factory"? Should it be replaced with a fiberglass bumper that will be harder to fit and not quite "original" but will keep it's shape and shine bright with matching color? This is indeed a real moment of truth!

FLEXX bumper covers are the obvious answer to the bumper dilemma. They have the benefits of both urethane and fiberglass bumpers. They are made using a revolutionary, specially formulated resin. The formula, using an entirely new chemistry concept in resins, links a urethane molecule to a stable polyester base that is formulated from the beginning to be both flexible and tough. It is not just a common resin with a compromising additive. The hand laying of FLEXX resin with top quality fiberglass mat by highly skilled craftsmen provides unequaled consistency in weight and uniformity of thickness.

What does this mean to you? It means that FLEXX bumper covers are an answer to the Bumper Dilemma. They are 70% more flexible than an ordinary fiberglass bumper, but incredibly tougher than a urethane bumper. FLEXX bumper covers have the structural integrity and the same hard, smooth , easy to sand surface that ordinary fiberglass does, but are very easy to install due to the fact that they are flexible. If a FLEXX bumper cover becomes damaged it can be repaired with any common polyester resins or fillers. They have the same "feel" and "give" that a urethane bumper does. Once they are installed it is difficult to tell FLEXX bumper covers apart from the original bumpers that came on your Corvette. Since only the best materials are used, FLEXX bumper covers hold their shape. Finally, bumper covers that are flexible enough to fit your Corvette and yet will last for years - FLEXX.