Glass T Tops


These tops come in either black or mirrored finish. The dark are made with Galaxy Glass. They were given their name due to the near black appearance they have from outside the car. The deep shades on these tops offer a very attractive look, while also maintaining a low level of heat in the car on those hot summer days. These mirrored tops are made with LOF mirrored glass . The mirrored finish on these tops offer a very original look while also reflecting sunlight heat. This reflective glass is manufactured by the GM OEM manufacturer Libbey Owens Ford (LOF).

78-82 Glass T - tops $1495
(will fit 68 - 77)

Glass Top


We are offering an exclusive line of Corvette roofs made in the USA and priced to meet the new and used Corvette market demands. Our replacement roofs utilize OEM quality lenses, GM frames and hardware. Available in blue or bronze tint.
Measure across the top of the windshield frame to the center of each mounting bolt hole to determine the year of top needed (if roof is in car you may also measure from hole to hole on inside).
84-86E 28.5"
86L-88 31.5"
89-96 32.5"
If you have the roof please refer to the hardware pictured.

C4 $1695
C5 $1895
C6 $1895

Switch Plates


These plates also allow you to install late model glass T-tops on you 68-77 Corvette. Plates are a direct fit and will allow you to retrofit glass T-tops in a matter of minutes.

$45 a pair

Windshield Frames


Windshield frames are available as per picture and range from those that may need MINOR repair to ones as shown in good repair.
All windshield frames will be cut on both sides as low as possible, in most cases approx 2 - 3 inches below the location of the VIN #.
At times firewalls are also available which will include the complete windshield frame, lower steel surround and door hinge posts.

$150 - $350
$750 includes firewall